Dropping “The Biscuit”

It sounds like a bad sports term, and perhaps in a better world that would be all it would amount to be, but in the United States, “the biscuit” is the vernacular for the nuclear codes carried by the president.  According to a second source, in 1998, President Clinton lost those codes for a period lasting for months.  Granted the Cold War was over and the USSR posed no major threat, but that fact that the president lacked the ability to launch a nuclear counter-attack should be alarming.  I have, once or twice, misplaced my car keys, but I have never misplaced the codes for launching our countries nuclear weapons,

How To Destroy Religious Belief in Four Questions

You are to pose the following questions to a believer of any faith:

1. Do you believe that you have a soul?

Most, if not all, people will say that they do.

2.  Do you believe that animals have souls in the same fashion that humans do?

Most people, except perhaps pantheists, will say that no, they do not.

3.  Do you believe in evolution?

Should they respond in the negative, politely thank them and then RUN AWAY. 

Assuming that your subject has answered in the affirmative for questions 1 and 3 and in the negative for question 2 (as most people I have asked seem to), you are to pose this final question:

4.  At what point in evolution did the “human” acquire an eternal and immortal soul?

Obviously this is a loaded question: there is no real answer.  The experiment simply points out the trouble in trying to work demonstrable scientific fact into stone age superstition. 

Evolution is a very long, very gradual slope as Richard Dawkins illustrates in Climbing Mount Improbable.  Evolution works as a ramp, not as a set of stairs, thereby leaving no exact cut-off point at which to impart a soul to our ape-like ancestors.  “God does not play dice” according to Einstein, but it would seem he would have to for lack of a better way to determine an arbitrary cut-off point for granting eternal bliss (or damnation).  Why don’t Neanderthals get to go to Heaven too?

An Afterthought:

Conservative estimates suggest that our species, homo sapiens, has existed for at least 100,000 years.  The earliest stories of the Old Testament occur at around 2000 B.C.E.  This means that for nearly 96,000 years Yahweh saw fit to leave the species that was supposedly made “in His own image” out to dry.  Perhaps the only benefit of being alive during those 96,000 years (in an age where the average life expectancy was around 20 years) is that one never had to hear the pious condemning oneself to burn for eternity in hell.

So It Begins

I have entered the World of Blogcraft and begin as a Level 1 Blogger.  Should you find me entertaining, then go ahead and read it.